Broadway was a lovely place

Broadway Hotel in Morecambe.
Broadway Hotel in Morecambe.
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I came across a group of windswept walkers on the prom, opposite what was the Broadway Hotel. Another change in a changing town, what will they put there? A block of flats I do declare. Let’s hope its not like the one at Bare.

The Broadway, such a lovely useful place it was. It greeted visitors coming down the prom from the east, a first impression for strangers, a meeting place for walkers and other groups, a perfect point of reference, not to mention its beauty.

You would have thought that they could have preserved the front part. That’s what happens here – take away and give nothing back that’s of any special need.

What would we like? What do we need? Did I hear a roundabout? Yes, why not, what a point of reference and remembrance.

The Broadway roundabout, a useful thing, functional, ornate, a few curved stones, grass, some shrubs. It couldn’t cost that much. It would save traffic queues and drivers risking a sprint into the main stream as I have often seen.

Or shortcuts along St Christopher’s Way, or more dangerous still Dallam Avenue (school).

The group broke into a discussion on the merits of a roundabout. If we could only get the council to group together on the prom and discuss in such an optimistic way.

Eventually, each with their own reasons, they made off. I did notice some looking back, not at the void left by the loss of the Broadway Hotel, but at that wide junction and the traffic waiting there. John Bryant


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