Bring on an Eric Festival

Eric Morecambe statue.
Eric Morecambe statue.

The news on the front page of the Visitor about the proposed Eric and Ernie bronze tribute was incredibly welcome following on from the depressing details about extreme vandalism to the Eric Statue (October 28).

How marvellous, if after the original much-loved statue is returned, there could then follow an additional bronze feature further along the promenade to celebrate one of the greatest comedy partnerships of all time. Then there is the admirable suggestion that there should be an annual Eric Tribute Festival in Morecambe every summer. This too would be a terrific example of much good coming out of a great deal of trouble and upset.

Fifteen years ago the Visitor played a seminal role in raising public donations towards the original Eric sculpture and I do not doubt they will put their weight behind all these new proposals.

Of course there has been a very significant change in those 15 years that will be an enormous help. I refer to the massive success nowadays of the social media in generating voluntary donations to good causes that catch the public’s imagination.

Crowd sourcing is now a fact of modern internet life. So I hope that my confidence is not misplaced when I assert that we do indeed live in interesting times here in Morecambe today.

Coun Ron Sands

Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism

Heysham North Ward

Lancaster City Council.