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Greyhound Bridge.
Greyhound Bridge.
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Things won’t improve in Morecambe until we cease to treat the Lune as a barrier to full integration with Lancaster. The link road will prove a long overdue asset and maybe one day, so will the cross-bay tunnel but we need to fully integrate Lancaster and Morecambe with more cross river links.

Without them neither town will reach anything like their full potential. We need a comprehensive infrastructure study by the experts (they are out there) only then will we truly have the evidence of how the present appalling cross-river links are holding us back.

Salford’s Media City and Liverpool’s waterfront development didn’t spring from nowhere, both were the culmination of intense study, were fully costed and the result of a sound business case. This area is bristling with opportunity but our politicians need to grasp the nettle, without it we are denying our young people a future.

We have a unique selling point – bang on the west coast main line, only an hour or so from the Scottish border, an hour by train to the northern hub towns and airports, within easy reach of the Lakes and Dales.

But we need that crucial connectivity across the river; it’s the only thing missing from our portfolio. If we want to attract investors, wealthy commuters et al, we can’t rely on the M6 as it’s rapidly turning into a linear car park.

We desperately need better access to Lancaster station from Morecambe and Heysham for easier commuting.

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