Bridge isn’t tunnel vision

Heysham Power Station.
Heysham Power Station.
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When I started work on Stage One of the nuclear power stations, approximately 42-years ago, I happened to see plans which showed a road system bringing the new fuel from Springfield near Preston up the A6 and along the link road to the Heysham power stations (yes, the link road was planned that long ago), and a road bridge spanning the 10-miles across Morecambe Bay from Heysham to around the Barrow area to take the used fuel up the Cumbrian coast to Sellafield to be processed.

Now I hear that a tunnel underneath Morecambe Bay is being discussed to take the electricity cables from Heysham’s yet to be built, but will be built, new station, to supply the North of England, so as pylons will not be an eyesore in and around the picturesque Lake District.

Why not now adopt the above bridge system, initially for what it was designed for, but also to take the cables north, and at the same time open up the road system to Barrow which has always been an isolated part of the country, having the nickname of the longest cul-de-sac in England?

Also take advantage of the bridge structure to support a 10-mile wind farm on top of it, and take advantage of the tidal system that would run underneath it to generate another green source of electricity.



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