Brexit, aggressive driving, defending Greyhound Bridge bus lane, great RAF 100th

Greyhound Bridge as the refurbishment work finished
Greyhound Bridge as the refurbishment work finished

Readers’ letters, February 19

PM should talk about staying in

Following the heavy Parliamentary defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit plan, the time has come to review the mantra that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, and to ask why the quest for Brexit arose – and why it persists.

As I see it, the main objections to Britain’s continuation in the EU project, whatever the detail, are all ultimately linked to retaining a semblance of an independent national identity with a unique culture in an increasingly interconnected world.

I share with the ‘leave’ campaigners of 2016 a desire to protect our country from further European political integration, and to increase or at least retain powers for our national Parliament.

It is time to acknowledge and examine the common ground between leavers and remainers. Our Parliament needs to look again at Cameron’s deal to remain, so that the split in the country can begin to be healed, and potential break-up of the UK can be avoided.

Instead of devoting her skills to a negotiation to leave the EU, Theresa May should devote her skills to a negotiation for ‘staying in’. Perhaps, she could even improve on the terms of the deal with Europe that her predecessor announced.

As ‘a reluctant remainer’ at the time of the Referendum, I still hold the view that Britain’s interests are best served by being “In Europe - but not run by Europe”.

Coun Roger Mace, Kellet Ward, Lancaster City Council, Halton Road, Nether Kellet

Drivers are just too aggressive

I am regularly hassled by following drivers while attempting to drive at 20mph in 20mph zones. This ‘hassle’ in the form of aggressively ‘pushing’ from behind, is dangerous and worrying.

Evidence appears to suggest that 20mph zones show little benefit with regard to increasing road safety, but they are presumably occasionally ‘policed’, I am not prepared to risk ‘licence points’ by exceeding these clearly stated limits.

I particularly refer to Halton and Hornby 20mph zones.

I Robertson, Wray

Upsides to the new bus lane

I refer to the letter from Antony Graham regarding the newly introduced bus lane on Greyhound Bridge and acknowledge that at peak times there may be increased congestion on the approaches to the bridge. However, I do believe we should not overlook the benefits of the new system of which I believe there are three.

Firstly buses stopping at the Sainsbury’s and Millennium Bridge stops do not have to pull out into busy lanes of traffic, secondly, the lane markings and signs for those going to the motorway are much clearer and thirdly there is not the mad dash of cars travelling towards Carlisle Bridge ending the constant jousting for position when the two lanes merged into one.

Mike Jones, Hall Park, Lancaster

What great RAF celebrations

After a year of celebrations and commemorative events to mark the Royal Air Force’s centenary, here at the RAF100 Appeal we have taken stock of the incredible public and corporate support that sent our campaign soaring to new heights.

Last year was a truly momentous occasion.

Through RAF100 Inspire, more than 1.6 million children were reached through the RAF’s educational initiatives.

More than 165,000 visitors were able to engage with the RAF through the static Aircraft Tour, which visited six UK venues.

Engagement brought the RAF into contact with the British public through sport, education and digital media.

The appeal has raised more than £3million to date which will enable the Royal Air Force, RAF Benevolent Fund, RAF Association, RAF Charitable Trust and RAF Museum to ensure all members of the RAF family – past, present and future – are honoured, supported and inspired.

Simon Collins

Chairman of the

RAF100 Appeal