Big thanks to Stanleys

Stanley's youth & community cenntre, Stanley Road, West End, Morecambe.
Stanley's youth & community cenntre, Stanley Road, West End, Morecambe.
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I moved up to sunny Morecambe about 18 months ago from a little village 10 miles outside Preston.

I had always liked sunny Morecambe and hoped to find work here, but this proved harder than I had first anticipated.

Not knowing the area that well I looked for help and there it was in the shape of Stanley’s sitting majestically next to the garage on Stanley Road.

I ventured in nervously at first but I need not have worried a jot as I was greeted by the welcoming smile of the lovely Karen. She quickly put me at my ease and proceeded to explain the services they provided.

Karen invited me to go and meet the other staff/volunteers and I accepted her invitation gladly.

On my arrival more greetings were issued from Scary Dawny, Olivia Treasure, Olivia Thomas and head honcho and mother of the aforementioned Olivia, Robyn Thomas.

I was immediately again put at my ease by the ladies as their greetings still resonated in my ears and I felt safe and welcome.

Since that first meeting I have made Stanley’s my second home and although I am technically still a client I class each and every one of them as a friend (you’ll have to ask them what they think of me).

They have allowed me to do a job search in a friendly environment and not the clinical, sterile and austere environment of some other places I have had the misfortune to visit.

If I need advice for anything I know they will try and help me as much as they can and if they do not have the answer they will try and point me in the right direction and support me every step of the way.

I have also met Super Gaz, a young man who inspires me by the way he deals with all his personal problems and yet still finds the time to help others (I say young, he’s 21+ VAT, a lot of VAT).

In fairness all the staff/volunteers are inspiring as they all have a tale to tell and in a variety of different ways have overcome their own personal battles and still want to help others less fortunate than themselves for which they should all be highly commended.

If you just want to pop in for a brew and a chat, sometimes even a bacon butty if you time it right, you can.

Scary Dawny (only joking Dawn, she’s a sweetie really) makes a mean banoffee cake.

The last member of the team I have met is Kate who is Scottish and although a lovely lady she is the only woman I’ve met lately who would benefit with subtitles as her accent is somewhat strong, d’ya ken?

Some of the services they provide are for the kiddiewinks, some for the beautiful grunting teenagers and a community meal on a Tuesday for everyone.

If you want a full rundown of all the services they provide then I seriously advise you to give them a call.

Finally I know they are always looking for volunteers to help so if you have a few hours a week to spare and you think it’s the kind of thing you would like to get involved with then please give them a call.

Thanks to all the Stanley’s dudes and dudettes for all your help, long may it continue.

Stanley’s telephone number is 01524 410076.


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