Be careful of PR offers

Heysham 1 Power Station.
Heysham 1 Power Station.
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I refer to a letter in July 29 edition of The Visitor (Nuclear Cable Link).

Bob from Heysham tells us that he had sight of a plan showing a proposed road system including a road bridge spanning the 10-miles across Morecambe Bay when he worked on Stage One of Heysham Power Station.

I was present at management level during CEGB talks of a new road system following the installation and commissioning of Heysham One Power Station and as I recall it was one of the incentives raised to encourage local people to tolerate graciously Heysham Stage One on their coastline at that time.

Many promises were made in those days when a public relations mechanism burst into action to show the employment Stage One followed by Stage Two would bring to the area. There was, however, a cost to pay and that was a decline in the tourist industry as guest houses and B&B establishments began to cater for workmen at the expense of tourists. Trade never returned, the many empty Victorian houses in the West End and empty premises are a testimony to that.

With plans to extend further the working life of Stages One and Two at Heysham and a plan to introduce yet another power station on this coastline, I think the electorate should remember the dangers that always need to be considered of living in close proximity to magnetic field exposure and pylons associated with power stations when new proposals come up for discussion.

The road system initially discussed at the outset of Stage One never did come to fruition, and after many years a less helpful substitute is presently under construction.

Sylvia Denton

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