Bankers’ bonuses

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THE policies of the Con/Dem coalition have ensured that the poorest in society pay for the rich to get richer by increasing VAT.

The increase in VAT disproportionately impacts in a negative way on lower paid households and, in doing so, will ensure that more pensioners will be left with the burden of paying more tax as well as more expense on their weekly shopping bill. It is pensioners and households on low pay who will feel the cuts to public services the hardest.

Propaganda from Cameron and his cronies advise us that services need to be cut in order to pay for the deficit. As a result of these cuts we risk seeing the very fabric of a civilised and stable society being destroyed beyond repair.

Currently we have vital NHS services being reviewed with a view to radical cut backs as well as wholesale privatisation. Perhaps what is disturbing is the fact that many young people will be denied the opportunity to succeed academically because they will be losing their Education Maintenance Allowance alongside student fees tripling.

All these cuts and rises in VAT are occurring while the banks continue to be bailed out to the tune of £12billion every month. We also have the unfairness of rich tax dodgers persistently taking their profits to offshore accounts in order to avoid tax.

Owners of big companies, case in point Vodaphone, have managed to avoid paying £6billion in tax. It is high time that our elected representative at Westminster started to ask questions in regard to these bankers’ bonuses. I will not hold my breath.

I would like to challenge our versatile MP David Morris to take on board these issues that I have mentioned above and question David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions. If he is brave enough to question his own party in regard to these issues he would command a lot more respect within his constituency.

David Whitaker

Marine Road West