Artists’ colourful work paints a brighter view

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It was good to read in the Visitor and on the website (TV praise for our painter duo, January 13) of the work of artists Shane Johnstone and Kate Drummond as they brighten up our town with their colourful restorations of our ‘ghost signs’. These signs are much-loved and have been unfairly neglected for generations.

It is still not too late to see the TV piece on the Internet, but because the Inside Out programme has 11 regional variations it is not as straightforward as usual to find on the web.

The best way to locate the programme is to conduct a Google search on the following words: BBC TV Inside Out North West, and follow the links to the programme dated January 12. Because the Morecambe coverage is near the end of the programme, you should fast forward for 23 minutes to see it immediately.

This watch again facility is available until February 3.

Coun Ron Sands

Heysham North Ward

Lancaster City Council.