Arndale - pull your socks up

Arndale Centre, Morecambe.
Arndale Centre, Morecambe.
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I really cannot believe what I read in The Visitor (Store wars, August 5). So JAP (owners of the Arndale Centre) are objecting to the Frontierland redevelopment are they? Well isn’t that just tough?

There’s a real world out there when it comes to retailing. There’s a thing called ‘competition’ ... or perhaps they can’t stomach the thought of it.

What on earth gives these people the right to think they can object on the grounds of pure self interest and deny the people of Morecambe the freedom of choice to shop where they please.

The Arndale Centre is hardly the most vibrant place to shop. It is a pale shadow of other Arndale Centres and a poor imitation of what an indoor shopping mall should be. Its only saving grace is that at least its dry when it rains, which sadly it does frequently in this corner of the world.

Put your own house in order JAP. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in rather than whinge and object.

If the new development affects the Arndale then so be it. That’s life, but the people of Morecambe will have made up their own minds.

Hopefully when this application comes up for planning approval in September, this ‘objection’ will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Mel Rawnsley

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