A sin to fine poor people

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REGARDING licence dodgers reported in The Visitor on February 2 more than 700 people in Morecambe and Lancaster were caught watching TV without a licence in 2010.

With fines averaging £175, plus costs £75, equals £250, multiplied by 700, that equates to £175,000 for our area alone. Multiply this over the whole UK and this is now billions of pounds.

Where does this sort of money end up? Yes, it is just another tax by the back door! For the Government to squander, why we need all these cuts to the services and mass redundancies, I just don’t understand.

I think it is a sin to fine people who it is obvious can’t afford to pay being at the lower end of all other people’s standard of living. It’s just a vicious circle for them.

The TV licence should be free! to everyone, as in Australia. They then could get rid of the very expensive detector vans with their 21st century equipment.

Also, they could, especially the BBC, cut back on salaries. The wages they so-call earn are obscene to say the least with one certain man, taking a salary of over £6million! No-one can be worth that.

When you see the lifestyle of the TV people, and some have only been on TV for one year, with houses costing over £1million it says everything. They are certainly not in our world.

If it means BBC going commercial let’s go for it. I can always turn it off when the adverts appear.

By the way, you do not need a TV licence to view your DVDs or any recorded past programmes as stated in the Radio Times December 2010.

B Walker