A lot to be thankful for

David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.
David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.

While nosing along by the office block on Morecambe Road on the approach to the railway bridge, I was fascinated to see an advertisement reading: David Morris – delivered the M6 Link Road which will mean you won’t have to wait so long .......

Wow! And single-handedly at that.

I had no idea that Mr Morris had been beavering away all these years behind the scenes on our behalf. It set me wondering how many other projects we all owe to our industrious MP? Was he perhaps the master mind behind our new electric train service to Manchester? Was he the lone hand who brought back the sand to the Morecambe beaches? Was he the shadowy figure who arm-twisted Urban Splash to renovate the Midland Hotel?

Maybe we shall never know how many more splendid public works our unassuming parliamentary representative has been secretly bringing to fruition for his dear people’s benefit. But I suppose that if we all set our minds to it, and vote him back at the next election, he might be prepared to overcome his natural reticence, to let us in on some of his secrets.

Peter Brown

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