Winter Gardens springs back to life

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IT’S been five years since the Friends of the Winter Gardens bought the old theatre on Morecambe’s promenade, and restoring the building has been no easy task.

With no funding currently available, and a mountain of restoration work to be done, you’d be forgiven for thinking it could be many years before the Winter Gardens was ready for permanent public use.

But, thanks to the hard work of the Wednesday Volunteers Club, who formed in January this year, the building may be ready for action sooner than you would expect.

“I’ve worked out a three-year plan,” said Alex Roe, new project manager for the Winter Gardens.

“This year, we want to get the ground floor up and running, so we can rent it out for events, craft and antiques fairs and concerts.

“Then, next year, we’re applying for funding to open a museum on the first floor, with workshops for schools and colleges, and then in the third year we want to complete the top floor and turn the front of the floor into a bar and restaurant, so hopefully, at the end of the three years, the building will be complete.”

See The Visitor (20-04-11) for full story.