Wind turbines aren’t the answer to energy deficit

Wind turbine.
Wind turbine.
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I wanted to start by paying tribute to all of the men and women in Morecambe and Lunesdale who serve in our armed forces, as it was armed forces day recently.

It was announced the other week that wind farms subsidy would be stopped. This is something I have been campaigning for, along with Chris Heaton Harris MP.

David Morris

David Morris

I do not feel wind turbines are the answer to plug our energy deficit and I know from talking to many of you over the past few months you are of the same opinion. I hope we will now see an end to the deluge of wind turbine applications in the Lune Valley.

On Tuesday I had lunch with the Chancellor, George Osborne, and again pushed the case for nuclear power and the early start of building on Heysham 3 in order to secure jobs for years to come in Morecambe and Lunesdale.

I also hosted a debate in Westminster Hall about the future of the House of Lords. I feel the number of Lords can be reduced without losing expertise by creating a Lords Counsel. When a Lord reaches 75, they retire to the Lords Counsel, they cannot vote or debate in the chamber but can advise on committees.

I was invited to the Loyne School and then to Sandylands Primary School to hear about the ‘send my friend to school’ campaign. This was an opportunity for pupils to tell me what they would do if they were a world leader to ensure education for all children across the world. I was extremely impressed with all the children I met.

With stories about fracking, I would like to assure people that when a fracking well needs to be decommissioned it is done so with the full surveillance of the Environment Agency and the company cannot surrender their permit until the Environment Agency are satisfied there is no ongoing risk to the environment.