Will this be the most contagious song of 2015?

Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.
Darren Milby, presenter with The Bay radio, with Faye Bowness in the studio on St George's Quay.
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Bills by LunchMoney Lewis is one of the most contagious songs of 2015. One of those records you hear no matter where you go on holiday from Timbuktu to Torrisholme.

It was a huge hit around the world and recently I got the chance to sit down with LunchMoney (obviously not his real name) to discuss his incredible year. I had to ask about the name. I mean what do I call him, Lunch for short? Mr Lewis? Or would he prefer LunchMoney? “It came from my school days,” he explained.

“I was just hanging out with a friend of mine who just started calling me LunchMoney for a joke and it just kind of stuck. Lewis is my real last name.”

This larger than life rapper lives in sunny LA and has spent the past few weeks adjusting to a British summer including a wet weekend performing at the V Festival. “I had a great time performing but it certainly was very typical English festival weather.”

Bills may have been his debut solo hit but LunchMoney has been making records for years. It’s in the blood. His dad and uncle were founding member of 90s reggae band Inner Circle. I certainly remember their big hit Sweat (A La La La La Long) from my school discos. Lunch told me, “We are such a musical family. We are very art driven and creative. We all sing and play instruments so it’s definitely in the blood. When Bills became massive they were so proud. My family are always really supportive and my dad knows I’ve been a completely crazy person since I was very young, always running round making music and promoting myself so he was very happy to see it work out for me.”

He now plans to capitalise on the on the huge success with a new single called Whip It. There will follow an album towards the end of the year. On what we can expect Lewis said, “It’s just going to be the real me. Lots of fun, lots of interesting topics. I want people to know who Lunch is and have some fun with it.”

He is also promising to return to the UK later this year for some live dates. “I love performing and I love it when the crowd relates to it. We put a lot of man hours in so when it connects with people it’s a great feeling.” The new single Whip It is out now.