Wife defeats husband in Lancaster City Council battle by one vote

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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A Labour party candidate has beaten her husband in a local council election by a single vote.

Carla Brayshaw came second in Heysham Central ward on Lancaster City Council and was elected, beating husband David into third place by 761 votes to 760.

Mr Brayshaw and his wife are the chief organisers of Morecambe Carnival.

He said he persuaded Mrs Brayshaw to stand.

Mrs Brayshaw was not present at Salt Ayre Sports Centre as the result was announced. Her husband said she was unavailable.

After learning of her win, Mrs Brayshaw tweeted: “Eeeek! Wasn’t expecting that!”

“She didn’t think she’d win, she’ll kill me,” said Mr Brayshaw.

“The main thing is one of us got in, and the Tory candidate didn’t get in.

“Carla doesn’t get involved in politics because she gets too passionate about it.

“But she will be a far better councillor than me because I tend to stay quiet.”

Mr and Mrs Brayshaw also stood in the Morecambe Town Council election.

“If she beats me in that, I’m going to divorce her!” joked Mr Brayshaw.

But both the Brayshaws were elected to the town council in Heysham North, Mr Brayshaw getting 653 votes to his wife’s 603.

Geoff Knight of the Morecambe Bay Independents won the Lancaster City Council Heysham Central vote with 779 votes and was also elected.

Elliot Layfield of the Conservatives was fourth with 724 votes. Cary Matthews (MBI) got 662 votes.