When mum really does know best

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MOTHER’S intuition is undoubtedly one of life’s little mysteries. When Morecambe mum-of-two Jennie Marley gave birth to her third son Lennon, in December she instinctively knew something was amiss.

“From the day he was born there was something inside me telling me something was wrong,” said Jennie.

“The birth was fine, he was born on December 12, in half an hour, so it was a very quick labour, but once I took him home, he was sleeping most of the day and didn’t want anything to eat.”

Already mum to Kynan, five, and Leighton, two, Jennie knew from experience that Lennon’s behaviour was not typical of a newborn.

“He was sleeping 12 hours through the night at just a week old which I knew wasn’t normal,” said Jennie.

“So I got in touch with the health visitor the next morning.”

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