Wennington volunteers celebrate litter picking success

A group of volunteers from Wennington celebrated their achievements over six months.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 10:11 am
Updated Friday, 21st September 2018, 10:12 am
A group of volunteers from Wennington celebrated six months of achievements.

The volunteers are an informal group of local residents with a shared concern for the local environment and a common goal of enhancing and maintaining the attractive, clean and litter free open spaces and roadsides within the parish and beyond.

Their primary aim is to undertake litter picking activities, both as a group where conditions suggest this is of benefit, and as individuals on an ongoing basis to keep on top of the recurrent litter problem.

Each individual or small group is allocated a specific area or road for which they have responsibility.

Most of the litter collected from the verges of the surrounding lanes has been discarded from passing traffic and generally consists of plastic and glass bottles, beer and soft drinks cans, crisp and sweet wrappers, sandwich cartons, cigarette packets and plastic bags. Dirty nappies, bags of plastic plant pots and a pair of shin pads have been discarded.

In addition they carry out other activities to enhance the village and surroundings such as weeding and general tidying, bulb planting, fence painting and maintaining the village planter. Many of the volunteers attended a lunch celebration to recognise their achievements in the first six months since their formation.

This was a purely social event to meet up, enjoy food and drink and have a chat.

A display board exhibited the monthly activities carried out by the members and also details of each month’s ‘Volunteer of the Month’ award.Volunteer Linda Ashworth said: “The Wennington volunteers are a fantastic group of enthusiastic residents who rise to any challenge they are set with goodwill, a positive attitude and amazing determination.”Full details of the volunteers activities are on Wennington Parish Council website.