Website in top 20

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LANCASTER City Council’s website has been identified as one of the most effective in the United Kingdom in a recent independent survey.

The survey covered all 433 UK councils and highlighted as one of the top 20 best-developed sites.

Sites were assessed according to their useful content, ease of use, online services, and visitor feedback. Lancaster was also awarded a three star rating, missing the maximum four star rating by the narrowest of margins.

The council has previously been recognised for the high take up and use of its website by the local population, but this is the first time the website has made the top 20 and been identified as a benchmark for other local authorities.

Councillor Stuart Langhorn, Leader of Lancaster City Council, said: “A tremendous amount of effort has gone into developing our website and it is tremendous to be recognised in this way.

“Our website is an important tool for both communicating with the public and providing services to them.

“Increased use of online services also brings savings to the council and the website ultimately pays for itself through lower operating costs, which is particularly important in the current financial climate.”

One of the website’s most popular features is ‘Find My Nearest’ - Simply by typing in their post code, visitors can find a wealth of information including their nearest bus stop, library, community centre, chemist and much more.

In addition to the website, the council has a number of other online services. These include an e-newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter account. For more information on the services available visit