We will work with Wayne

Wayne Hemingway
Wayne Hemingway
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A leading planner has defended Morecambe’s recent record on regeneration in the wake of jibes by design icon Wayne Hemingway.

Julian Inman said the door is always open to the Morecambe-born TV personality to work on projects to improve the town.

“If anyone has an idea or proposal for Morecambe, bring it to the party,” said Mr Inman, senior planner for Lancaster City Council.

In last week’s Visitor, Mr Hemingway claimed the council “aren’t interested” in working with him.

The regeneration expert also praised the Kent seaside town of Margate, where he is currently redesigning a derelict fairground into a £10m heritage theme park.

He said its council, which also part-funded a £17.5m Turner Art Gallery on Margate seafront, “understands what regeneration is all about”.

Mr Inman, who heads up the town’s 10-year blueprint the Morecambe Area Action Plan, said: “There has been contact between Lancaster City Council and Mr Hemingway over the past week.

“If Wayne Hemingway wanted to work with Urban Splash on the central promenade development, I doubt very much Urban Splash would say no.

“Over the past few years, we’ve tried to give Urban Splash every chance to bring their (central promenade) development forward, we put everything into the Winter Gardens (Government funding) bid and what is forgotten is how much we helped with the Midland.

“In the next year we will do a lot to improve Morecambe’s streets and spaces too.”