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Plans to reopen the old Sandylands paddling pool at Heysham have certainly made a splash with Visitor readers.

After Morecambe Town Council asked for residents’ views on whether to spend £5,000 on a feasibility study to decide whether to reinstate the pool, you put pen to paper and took to our Visitor website in droves.

Here is a selection of your comments.

John Fleming, Heysham (letter)

I would like to see a pool reinstated by Morecambe promenade.

However I think a better location for the pool would be between West End Road and Highfield Crescent, a more frequently visited section of the promenade, and better access to the park.

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Stupid is as stupid does

Incredible. £5000 for a paddling pool feasibility study. I’d say that a lack of paddling pool is the least of Morecambe’s problems.


We need some “attractions”, especially good honest ones like a paddling pool full of sea life for the youngsters to investigate. But why is it going to cost £5K to study!!!!!! Find someone cheaper!!!!

Dr livingstone.

Five thousand pounds of rate payers money on a ‘feasability junket’....then they ask us what they should do!

Special Delivery

Although a nice idea I think to begin with we should first be deciding what direction we want Morecambe to go in the future and spend any money on that.


I have lots of fond memories of that pool. I would love to see it returned to its former glory and also build a new boating lake where the old one used to be.


Feasibility study? Is that where they all stand around yapping, slurping wine and stuffing their faces with canapes?

village idiot downunder

Watch this one become another beuracratic white elephant.

Suzanne Mills

I take my son and his friends crabbing to Bare boating pool. They prefer this to costly indoor play areas and gawping at the television. I can’t understand why the project needs to be so expensive?


Stuff spending £5K on a survey, just get the paddling pool sorted! I have so many happy memories of ALL the pools that were once along the seafront here! Kids would love it, I would love to take the kids I know crabbing like we used too.


I used to find lots of crabs underneath that old galleon that was moored at the Stone Jetty.

What happened to that ship anyway? Anyone know?

Loan Ranger

I think its a good idea. There is nothing worse than going down to the sea on a nice day only to find the tide is so far out you have no chance of a paddle. At least the pool will mean you can always get your feet wet.

P Heywood

As a child I spent many happy summer days either paddling and splashing about in Sandylands pool or sat in the far corner with a mussel on a piece of string crabbing aaaaaahhhhhh happy days.


Morecambe is living in the past! It would be a waste of time and money restoring it! MOVE ON FROM THE PAST IT’S NOT 1930 ANYMORE.

Chaotic Alchemist

Don’t waste £5,000 on a ‘feasability’ study, put it towards getting the pool back in to useable condition ASAP.