Wayne Hemingway column

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People ask me what I’m hoping for from this weekend’s Morecambe Vintage-by-the-Sea festival.

The main thing is good weather.

In the days running up to the event, the whole team is keeping an eye on weather forecasts.

Even my mum is checking her barometer every day!

British people do tend to come out even in inclement weather but it’s not the same as the sheer enjoyment of being at an event like this when the sun is shining.

I’d be happy if it was dry for two days.

If the sun comes out, it’s a bonus.

We’re also closely watching the ticket sales for the nightclub events – we are nearly at capacity on some so if you planning on coming dancing in the evening then grab a ticket now

When you run a festival that’s mainly free, there’s no way of predicting how many will turn up.

I expect the Lancaster Bomber fly-past on Sunday will be a massive draw, as the Bombers have been on the News at 10 and been all over the press recently.

We’re not sure how many dogs will enter our Vintage Pooch Parade on the Sunday.

We hope it’s around 20-30, but it would be great if there was 50.

My wife Gerardine and I often wish we were punters, and not organisers of the Vintage Festival.

We know it would be much more fun visiting one of these festivals instead of running it.

As an organiser, there are times during some of the night-time ticketed events when you can have a dance and relax a little bit.

Other than that, there is always too much to do.

You’re being pulled from pillar to post, forever solving problems.

There could be a lost child, or somebody’s phone has gone missing.

It might be that a DJ hasn’t turned up because their train has been cancelled, or a key member of the team is ill.

And if you’re a perfectionist, and we are, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly.

You’re also dealing with sleep deprivation.

In the days leading up to the event, everyone is working like crazy.

For the team, the best part of the festival is when it’s finished!

That feeling when you know you’ve put on a good event, and people have had a great time, is such a big relief.

Then all you want to do is sleep for days afterwards!