Warning after cat killed in dog attack

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Two vicious dogs roaming the streets killed a cat and could have attacked a child, a woman fears.

Rachel Capocci witnessed the two dogs killing a cat and managed to chase the pair off the street.

Rachel, of Summersgill Road, Lancaster, said: “I heard a thud outside and I knew something was wrong, I went outside and there were two staffie dogs and a cat was on the floor injured.

“I screamed at them and waved my arms and they turned and went down the street. The cat was taken to a vet but it had died.

“There were loads of kids on the street and they could have been the first to be attacked. The dogs had no collars and no leads.I just want to warn other people so if they see these dogs again to phone the dog warden.”

The cat was killed on Bank Holiday Monday, May 27.

A spokesperson for Lancaster City Council said they were unable to positively identify the dogs.

Call the dog warden service on 582757 with information.