Wacky Morecambe nightclub DJ returns to TV

He squared off with Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link, cooked up a recipe for disaster on Come Dine With Me and now a madcap Morecambe DJ is about to enter the world of Posh Pawn.

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 4:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:59 pm
DJ Pep with Posh Pawn presenter James Constantinou.

DJ Johnny Pep will appear as a customer on the Channel 4 show about a high-end pawnbroker this Sunday night (August 28) at 7pm.

Posh Pawn stars entrepreneur James Constantinou, owner of Prestige Pawnbrokers in London and Manchester.

DJ Pep will be shown trying to convince James to buy his collection of autographs of famous people.

Real name Peter Roberts, the zany nightclub jock is an avid collector of memorabilia.

He bought all the items from the old Taylor’s shop on Morecambe seafront several years ago.

“I was their best customer, it was a tremendous shop,” said Pep.

“I took James a menu from Memphis signed by Elvis Presley, a contract signed by (actor) Steve McQueen, a signed photo of Muhammad Ali, a signed Wembley seat from the 1966 World Cup Final and some Morecambe and Wise ties.

“You’ll have to watch to see if he buys them and for how much.”

The TV cameras from Posh Pawn came to Morecambe to film Pep earlier this year.

As is his trademark, the former Bay radio presenter gave James and the film crew sticks of Morecambe rock to promote his hometown.

“They filmed me at my house in Heysham, on the promenade, and at a nightclub in Aylesbury doing a set while I was wearing a light-up LED jacket,” he said.

“They also filmed me in my hot tub with my friend Stewart Aimson. I hope this doesn’t make it to air as it will do nothing for my reputation with the ladies!”

Pep has been a club DJ for around 25 years, most notably at The Carleton in Morecambe and Brooks in Lancaster.

In 2007 he was voted Nightclub DJ of the Year by the Bar Entertainment and Dance Association (BEDA) and today spins the discs at clubs in Bolton, Preston and Oldham.

Pep has appeared as a contestant on many other TV programmes over the past 12 years, including quiz show The Weakest Link, hit cooking show Come Dine With Me, May The Best House Win on ITV and Four Rooms on Channel 4.

And as ‘The Pepster’ never minds being the butt of the joke, he tells viewers not to expect Posh Pawn to make him an overnight millionaire.

“Let’s put it this way, I was voted first off The Weakest Link and finished last on Come Dine With Me, and on Posh Pawn it doesn’t get any better,” he said.

“But it’s never about the money, it’s all about the funny.”


*Pep proposed to his girlfriend in front of 135,000 people at a Robbie Williams concert at Knebworth in 2003. The pop star then sang ‘She’s The One’ and dedicated it to the couple.

*Inspired by seeing illusionist David Blaine suspend himself in a glass box over the River Thames in 2003, Pep did his own low budget version where he sat on a 50ft high scaffold for 24 hours overlooking St George’s Quay. He called the stunt ‘Loon Over The Lune’.

*As a contestant on Come Dine With Me in 2010, Pep transformed his home into a nightclub complete with glitter ball and his own doorman to welcome guests. But his actual cooking skills left a lot to be desired.

*On ITV show May the Best House Win in 2011, Pep booby-trapped his home ready for his guests, who were met with a zombie face mask in the fridge and a fully-clothed mannequin in his bed. While the others looked around his home, the DJ relaxed in his outdoor hot tub, dressed in full scuba gear, reading The Visitor.