Vitamin B and Recharge will help stressed body

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Many people take on a lot of different projects. They agree to do extra things, on top of their job, their family, their exercise regimes and all the other day to day stresses and anxieties.

Then they wonder why they end up exhausted. I have been guilty of this many times in the past. One important thing I am trying to do is to learn to say no now and again.

The first thing I have done is to start taking a strong B vitamin complex

The other thing I am doing is planning ahead - trying to support my body and give it extra, when I am demanding extra from it.

This year I am going to embark on a challenge. My friend and I have signed up to Oxfam’s Trailtrekker. It is a 100 kilometre (60 miles) trek through the Yorkshire Dales. This trek is done non-stop in a maximum of 30 hours, so includes walking through the night.

We have started training and are currently aiming to complete a 15-20 mile walk each week. If you would like to keep up to date with our efforts have a look at our facebook page -

Now I love walking but stepping up from simple dog and family walks, 2-3 miles each on average, to 15-20 mile walks means I am making a lot of extra demands on my body.

No matter how much we may enjoy something increasing your efforts like this is a stress on the body. Therefore I need to look at things that will support my body through this stress.

The first thing I have done is to start taking a strong B vitamin complex. This is because B vitamins support our body during times of stress, helping ensuring the proper production of adrenaline and cortisol - the hormones we need to push us on. B vitamins are also important in the production and release of energy, hopefully they will help to make sure that I do not get run down.

The second thing I am using is Recharge. Now obviously I am using this supplement in a different way. I am using it to try and prevent exhaustion.

This is because when I was looking at the best things to use for stamina and endurance a number of the ingredients which are included in the recharge were suggested.

This included Siberian Ginseng, often used by athletes to increase energy and endurance, licorice to support adrenal function and chromium to keep blood sugar levels stable and promote better energy stability.

Rather than taking all these things separately I have decide to use Recharge and so far I am impressed.

Last week we walked 18.5 miles and although my legs ached slightly the next day, my energy levels were fine.