Visiting 62 stations in one day for Lancaster hospice

David Chandler from Morecambe and Mike Stevens from BBC Radio Lancashire gearing up for the Lancashire Challenge.
David Chandler from Morecambe and Mike Stevens from BBC Radio Lancashire gearing up for the Lancashire Challenge.
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A Morecambe man is aiming to travel to all 62 train stations in the county in under 24 hours.

David Chandler is taking part in the “Lancashire Challenge” to raise funds for Lancaster’s St John’s Hospice.

The 46-year-old Morecambe Football Club admin officer will set off on a journey like no other on September 16 by visiting every station across Lancashire.

David, who also works for Lancaster Canal Boats and is a volunteer presenter with new community station Beyond Radio, said: “I like a challenge and this has not been done before. I have got a friend who works on the railways, he is also a mathematician, he worked out the route for me and we think it is just about doable.

“It is actually difficult, as there are less trains and the stations are spread far and wide but it will be quite exciting when we start.

“I am not really a train buff, I know it appears that way but I am interested more in the people. I like the idea of travelling around all these places in one day.”

Covering hundreds of miles the “Lancashire Challenge” is David’s latest fundraiser for the Slyne Road hospice, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Last year David completed a similar challenge, when he visited all 270 London Underground stations in 20 hours, eight minutes.

David said: “After the Tube challenge, I began to wonder if something similar could be done around the county of Lancashire.”

Lancashire has 62 railway stations and David has applied the same rules used on the Tube challenge for his latest venture.

He said: “We must visit each station on a scheduled passenger service. We can also travel between stations on foot or by public transport – but not by car, taxi or bicycle.

“The route we’ve put together depends on a lot of luck and services running on time.

“I’m hoping we don’t get any delays, or the day could be severely curtailed!”

David will be joined by BBC Radio Lancashire’s Mike Stevens for the whole 24 hours on his journey.

Mike Stevens, from BBC Radio Lancashire, said: “This will be a great opportunity to visit the whole of Lancashire in one day. ”

You can support the challenge at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lancashirechallenge.