Visit Morecambe Apollo for 3D films in 2012

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MORECAMBE Apollo has a plethora of 3D films coming up in 2012.

Already showing over Christmas are films such as Arthur Christmas 3D, Happy Feet 2 3D and Puss in Boots 3D, which have been drawing in the family audiences.

In The Darkest Hour 3D, a horror sci-fi, released on January 13, 2012, five young people find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack on the Earth’s power supply.

The aliens themselves consist of a floating monstrous head, surrounded by four, constantly-revolving, spiny arms, which allow it to fly.

However, they are protected by a shield that renders them completely invisible to humans.

See The Visitor (03-01-12) for full story.