VIDEO: Wayne aims for another Vintage year

Last year’s Morecambe vintage festival was a huge success but this year’s will be even better.

So says organiser Wayne Hemingway, who wants local businesses, artists, musicians and creative people to rally together when Vintage-by-the-Sea returns in September.

Wayne Hemingway.

Wayne Hemingway.

In 2014 the event expands to two days after last year’s debut drew 5,000 people to the Midland Hotel and the Winter Gardens, earning rave reviews.

The festival celebrates the music, dancing, clothes, food and art of the 20th century. Speaking on a visit to his home town for a series of meetings about Vintage-by-the-Sea 2014, the Morecambe-born designer said the 2013 festival was “an uplifting event”.

“When you do an event in a place where you haven’t done one before there’s always concerns,” he said.

“The biggest one is will the public turn up and support you. There’s nothing worse than putting your heart into something and it being a flop.

“But we knew within an hour or two of opening we were onto something.”

Wayne and his wife Gerardine are famed for founding the Red or Dead clothing label and now run their own London-based design company Hemingway Design.

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