VIDEO: The Morecambe Birdman speaks out

A pensioner who was jailed for feeding pigeons has given his first interview since being released from prison.

John Wilkinson said being sent to jail will not stop him from feeding birds in Morecambe in future.

John Wilkinson.

John Wilkinson.

Mr Wilkinson, 65, also thanked The Visitor, friends and supporters for campaigning for his release.

He was jailed for six weeks for breaching an ASBO restricting his feeding of pigeons and served just under half the sentence.

“I regard being sent to prison as excessive and unjust,” said Mr Wilkinson.

“It hasn’t been a deterrent. I was well looked after in prison.

“I enjoy feeding birds. It relaxes me mentally.”

The Visitor began a ‘Free the Morecambe Birdman’ campaign because we believe his punishment did not fit the crime.

Mr Wilkinson also spoke more about his love of birds, his thoughts about his punishment, and talked about life in prison during an exclusive interview with The Visitor’s Greg Lambert.

You can read the full interview in next week’s Visitor.