VIDEO: Daughter says Eric Morecambe ‘is up there smiling’

Eric Morecambe’s daughter showed she is a chip off the old block by delivering a warm and funny tribute to her dad at our Sunshine Ball.

Gail Stuart, guest of honour at The Visitor’s annual Midland Hotel gala night, accepted our Sunshine Ambassador Award on behalf of the late, great comedian with a speech that brought the house down.

The 2014 Visitor Sunshine Ball at The Midland hotel, Morecambe.

The 2014 Visitor Sunshine Ball at The Midland hotel, Morecambe.

Gail said: “He has been dead for 30 years, and yet people still watch the programmes and still want to talk about him and still want to hear about him, which is incredible, absolutely incredible.

“I am sure he is up there smiling. I would also like to say that this does feel very personal, and I have said it before about anything we get that comes from Morecambe. He loved Morecambe. I love Morecambe.”

Gail went on to tell funny tales about how Eric was “banned from every cinema in Morecambe because he used to go to the matinees with a pea-shooter, up into the circle and fire down on the heads below.”

She also said Eric didn’t do well at Lancaster Road School, saying one of his reports said: “Handwriting – would comment if I’d seen any.”

The evening was a resounding success as awards were given to some of Morecambe’s most deserving people and £4,351 was raised for our Save Our Hospice appeal.