Victory over car parking fines

Cars parked in the disabled bays outside Morecambe post office.
Cars parked in the disabled bays outside Morecambe post office.

The powers that be have finally seen the light.

After weeks of campaigning by The Visitor with help from a local councillor, Lancashire County Council has agreed to waive fines dished out to motorists who fell foul of a ban on free disabled parking.

Now more than 70 people who were slapped with £35 parking tickets will have their money refunded.

Maureen Jones, one of the drivers who was fined, said: “It’s brilliant news, it’s great, but it should never have gone this far.”

After reading about the motorists’ plight in The Visitor, Morecambe-based County Councillor Darren Clifford put pressure on his county colleagues to do a U-turn.

“They have agreed the signage wasn’t particularly good, the fact that we didn’t need to have the thing closed off in the first place, and that there were so many people hit with it, not just one or two,” he said.

“On the basis of that, common sense has prevailed.”

The controversy erupted when free parking was suspended for a week in bays outside Morecambe post office on Market Street, because BT were due to carry out road works. But the works had been rescheduled after a miscommunication.

Motorists displaying disabled badges parked there as normal, but many didn’t even spot the warning signs which were spaced too far apart and worded vaguely.

Anyone who was fined for parking in the Market Street free disabled parking spaces between September 29 and October 5 and requires a refund should contact parking services on 0800 1952774.