Uri not going to believe this

Uri Geller meets Chris Rawlins.
Uri Geller meets Chris Rawlins.

THE world’s most famous spoon-bender has touted a former Morecambe High School pupil for stardom as an incredible mind-reader extraordinaire.

Uri Geller recently met Chris Rawlins, and said he was blown away by his talents.

“Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer, his skills and talents mesmerised me,” said Geller.

“If you want to be astonished and mystified I highly recommend you all to see him in action.”

Now a Lancaster audience will get the chance to see Chris in action too.

Chris, who bills himself as a mentalist and memory performer, will show off his incredible abilities on November 9 at The Borough pub.

The 22-year-old claims he can tell people what they are thinking, and how they are thinking about it.

“Put simply, I read minds and remember things,” said Chris.

“It would be great to sell the place out, I know everybody will enjoy the show.

“It’s highly interactive and fun and everyone will learn a skill that they probably did not know before they walked in.”

Chris was delighted to meet his hero Geller at his house in June of this year.

“I have ample respect for Uri, even more so now.

“I saw him bend a spoon in person. It was unexplainable and amazing all the same time.

“I’m also a big fan of the unsung heroes of mentalism. People that the public may or may not know, but people that I have learned a lot from, whether it is from reading their books or spending time with them in person, like Luke Jermay and Teller from Penn and Teller.”

Tickets cost £8, doors are at 7.30pm and the show is for over 16s only. Tickets available from the Dalton Square pub.