UFOs blamed for earthquake

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A UFO investigator is blaming the earthquake that hit the Morecambe and Lancaster area on extra-terrestrial activity.

Pat Regan claims the tremors on Tuesday night last week were warnings that Unidentified Flying Objects were in the area at the time.

He believes there is a relationship between UFOs and earthquakes, claiming that similar things have happened before.

Mr Regan, who has written books on the subject, said: “Apparently, my forewarnings have been well placed, as there has just been a new earthquake.

“I was initially alerted to this situation late on December 21, via a telephone call from my good acquaintance, coastguard officer Paul Harrison.

“Paul excitedly conveyed the story of this latest earthquake which had occurred only minutes prior to his call.

“Shockwaves from the quake were felt along Cumbria’s borders with Scotland, Lancashire, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

“Again, these localities have experienced heightened UFO activity during previous months.”

Many people experienced the tremors just before 11pm, including Karen Dickinson from Caton, near Lancaster, who said: “The whole house shook. It was very frightening.”

Jane and Belinda Bailey from Westgate, in Morecambe, also contacted The Visitor to say they had felt the quake.

British Geological Survey (BGS) data showed the epicentre of the quake as Coniston in Cumbria.

Blasting Mr Regan’s theory out of the sky, the BGS explained that quakes occur when the upper layers of the Earth’s crust are being rammed together or pulled apart.

Tremendous energy is released when these rocks break or grind past each other.

Survey officials are keen to hear from anyone who experienced the quake, as engineers at nuclear power stations such as Heysham 1 and 2 need to understand how their operations may be affected by tremors.

Mr Regan purports to have taken photographs of UFOs, and claims that the military is suppressing information about extra-terrestrial activity.

He also writes on the subject on his UFO Research website at www.ssgb.150m.com/north_west_ufo.htm

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