Tycoon Nikki aiming for success

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LANCASTER university graduate Nikki Hesford has fought long and hard to get to where she is today – at the helm of Miss Fit UK – her own clothing company for big-busted women.

But despite being one of the country’s top businesswomen, it’s funny to think she owes her success to one ill-fitting blouse.

“After I graduated, I had a panic moment of what I was going to do,” said Nikki.

“I thought about being a mortgage adviser, or a financial adviser, and I had to buy things to wear for the interviews.

“I went to pick up a size 10 blouse and it just wouldn’t meet in the middle!

“One time in the changing room, the buttons actually came off in my hand, because it wouldn’t fasten.

“So I went home and Googled ‘blouses for big-busted women’, but there was just nothing suitable for my demographic.

“I was 21 at the time, and a lot of the clothes for big-busted women are very conservative, so I started with some tentative market research, and the more I got into it, the more I thought it was a goer.”

Nikki was born in Blackpool, and grew up in Rochdale.

At 16, while still studying for her GCSEs, she left home and went to live alone in a bedsit, holding down various jobs to help pay the rent.

At 17, she fell pregnant and, after giving birth to baby Oliver in 2004, decided on a new, fresh start in what is an inspirational tale of hope, and a sheer determination to succeed.

“There was a point where I decided to get my life in order,” said Nikki.

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