TV life of a teenage Morecambe shoes shopaholic

Lauren Walsh.
Lauren Walsh.
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Would you spend £1600 on clothes for your kids at Christmas? Morecambe mum Jackie Walsh did, and tonight a Channel 5 TV audience will discover why she gives her daughter everything she wants.

Jackie and her 15-year-old daughter Lauren will appear on The 12-Year-Old Shopaholic and Other Big Spending Kids (Channel 5, 10.30pm) a documentary about children who love spending their parents’ money.

It explores the reasons why Lauren, a 15-year-old “shoe obsessive”, is addicted to clothes shopping and why her mum, who earns £6.81 an hour working for Bare Hall Carers, spends her entire week’s wages to keep her happy.

“I think my friends would describe me as spoilt and I don’t disagree with them,” said Lauren.

“I know my mum is a pushover. I see all these people in magazines wearing these clothes and they look really pretty. I think if I wear them, I will feel pretty as well.”

Jackie, who works three jobs to keep her daughter in clothes, said: “My friends tell me to say no, but I can’t. She’s got me wrapped around her little finger.”

The programme followed Jackie as she spends £200, a week’s wages, on new clothes for Lauren at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It later shows Jackie’s sister Pat’s angry reaction when a £1600 bill comes in for Christmas presents.