Vote to scrap ‘time and half’ taxi fares

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The headache of having to pay extra for taxi fares on bank holidays and early in the morning could soon be over.

Hackney Carriage drivers in Lancaster have voted to scrap “time-and-a-half” fares on bank holidays (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day), and only charge the extra between midnight and 5am, rather than 7am.

The change comes at the same time as a 10p increase per mile on Hackney Carriage journeys in Lancaster.

Andy Kay, chairman of the Lancaster City Hackney Proprietors Association, said: “The 10p rise per mile takes into account the increase in driving costs.

“Previously time-and-a-half fares ran until 7am, but we hope to give shift workers an easier ride by reducing the time frame that this applies to.

“We’re also hoping to appeal to people who would not normally use a taxi on bank holidays.”

A city council spokesman said: “The issue of fares will be reconsidered by the Licensing Regulatory Committee at a meeting on August 27.”