Town fights on for bandstand in park

The bandstand in Ryelands Park in Lancaster.
The bandstand in Ryelands Park in Lancaster.

A bid to move the Ryelands Park bandstand to Happy Mount Park in Morecambe has been rejected by city councillors.

But hopes for a new bandstand in the Bare park have not been dashed completely.

Morecambe Town Council had written to Lancaster City Council asking if the bandstand could be relocated because it was under-used and had originally come from Happy Mount Park.

The town council, which also submitted a 1,700 name petition, said it would seek external funding for the relocation costs. But the city council’s cabinet decided that it “did not agree with the principle” of moving the bandstand.

A council report says there was “some debate” as to whether it was ever located in Happy Mount Park.

It adds that the bandstand is in a poor condition and advised against dismantling it.

The report says the bandstand is not included in plans to rejuvenate Ryelands Park but that public consultation into those proposals had suggested the community viewed it as an “iconic feature”.

Cabinet decided that a consultation run by the city council but funded by the town council should take place to decide whether a new bandstand should be installed.

After the meeting, Skerton East city councillor and cabinet member, Coun Abbott Bryning, said: “The bandstand originally came here because Morecambe did not want it but I think it used to be on the central promenade.

“I don’t think anyone in Skerton would be bothered if it went tomorrow – I don’t remember it being used for years. But it is now in a very bad state of repair and I don’t think it would be big enough for the bands that play in Happy Mount Park.”

David Croxall, town clerk for Morecambe Town Council, said: “The decision is not necessarily unexpected.

“I will now be pursuing with the city council a scheme for a new bandstand to be located within Happy Mount Park.