Town Crier: Work together towards the final Frontier

Frontierland Site. Morecambe.
Frontierland Site. Morecambe.

What a week for Morecambe. The Visitor is packed with news that will make a lasting impact on the future of the town.

On the same day that Lancaster City Council gave the go-ahead to ambitious plans to transform the abandoned Frontierland site into a huge retail and hotel development - we learn that Morecambe’s Arndale Centre has been sold in a deal which should see ‘significant capital’ invested into the centre at the heart of the resort’s community.

If these two companies can work hand in hand together (and that is the question) they could hold the key to Morecambe’s future - and the town’s position on the map as a must-visit destination.

These developments are just an added string to the bow of a town already blessed with the staggering beauty of Morecambe Bay, a unique seaside town heritage and a community determined to make themselves heard.

Whatever your views on a shopping centre - and not all were behind it - it will bring people, jobs and opportunities - something we have been crying out for for decades.

Itis really astonishing to hear the experiences of a Morecambe man held prisonerin a Thai jail for years for drugs offences.

It is hard to understand what sort of ordeal he must have been through and makes us grateful we have the British justice system. (p5)