Town Crier: When you’re down try positive thinking

Wayne Hemingway.
Wayne Hemingway.
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I could write about the doom and gloom of these troubled times until the cows come home but instead, let’s look at some positives.

Like the Viva Morecambe weekend. The Visitor and the promoters of the Morecambe Variety Festival and the Carnival are working together to promote our individual events as one big weekend for Morecambe (May 2-4).

I believe there should be more of this type of co-operation between event organisers. We know that if one of our events does well, we will all succeed, and Morecambe will be the overall winner. This is why I also believe we should welcome Wayne Hemingway’s involvement in the resort.

Wayne has wanted to sprinkle his magic design dust on his hometown for years but consistently faced roadblocks.

Then came his superb Vintage Festival last year. This gave everybody a lift and hopefully his planned redesign of the former Visitor building will have the same effect on the town centre. It will follow a planned modernisation of the Euston Road/Market Street/Victoria Street area, planned for September.

And with the link road and development at the Frontierland site on the horizon, things are looking up. What’s more, the Shrimps are on a three-match unbeaten streak. Life could be worse, couldn’t it?