Town Crier: Tunnelling for an impossible dream?

Inside a channel tunnel train carriage.
Inside a channel tunnel train carriage.

It seems almost farcical that anybody would spend £38bn and no doubt, manyyears, tunnelling under Morecambe Bay in a project that would be more than half the length of the Channel Tunnel and – at the end of the day – connecting one country, er, with the same one.

But such is our demand for power that the future must be inventive, intrusive and expensive.

To create power we need power and as an island nation desperate to stand on our owntwo feet we must evolve. And far fetched as it may well seem, if that project gets the go-ahead it does present an opportunity for presenting the argument for a transport tunnel also.

For years, we have been presented with projects to build bridges (and on one occasion even a cable car) aross the bay.

It would seem rude to not even explore the possibilities of working alongside the National Grid and their grand underwater infrastructure plans.

But the financial implications of such a project are eye-watering and there would have to be a compelling commercial demand and proven advantages for such a thing. Do we really need it?

In other news, a proposed new look for Happy Mount Park has been revealed including proposals to get the bandstand back into use . It seems like a fantastic project and will ensure the future of the park.