Town Crier: The story could have been very different

Sculptor Graham Ibbeson with the broken Eric Morecambe statue.
Sculptor Graham Ibbeson with the broken Eric Morecambe statue.

It is impossible to imagine the terror of rail workers left face to face with a speeding train. Frankly, it a miracle they all escaped with their lives.

The story could have been so very different and had a much more tragic ending. Let’s hope the investigation into this frightening incident at Hest bank leads to thorough safeguards which will mean this type of incident never happens again.

The damage to the Eric Morecambe statue has triggered a, frankly, inspiring response from the people of Morecambe. After what was initially horror at the attack on what has become an enduring symbol of hope and happiness in the resort, suggestions, offers and pledges of support have come flooding in from across the town and ultimately much further afield.

From a negative has sprung a positive and it is now in our hands to make sure we build on this and make sure Eric (and Ernie’s) comic legacy is built upon as a talisman for the town.

Some fantastic ideas have been voiced and among them the concept of the Eric and Ernie plaque stands out. Let us know what you think of the mooted design.

The problems with holidays is, travelling to a foreign country, you never know what you will experience. But the catalogue of horror experienced by a Morecambe family, was extraordinary.