Town Crier: Morecambe is in a position of power

Heysham Power Station.
Heysham Power Station.
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The headline ‘ new power station for Morecambe’ will create mixed feelings in the area. With Heysham already home to two huge nuclear reactors, this small power station in Middleton seems a drop in our energy ocean.

Coming as it does on the back of proposals for a solar energy farm and in an area already home to a number of wind turbine sites, it is clear we are in on the change in approach to tackling our energy needs. It puts us in a position of power literally with jobs and resources being funnelled to the area but also raises questions over our vulnerability as an area in terms of safety and security.

There is no doubt, however, that the Morecambe and Heysham area is becoming an economic powerhouse with noticeable revitalisation on the back of the in-progress M6 link road and improved links to the Port of Heysham.

Today we have announced the launch of this year’s Sunshine Awards and Sunshine Ball.

This year the Morecambe Gets Wise appeal – the project to reunite Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise in the form of a plaque on Morecambe prom – will be the beneficiary of the event . The awards offer the opportunity to reward those who make Morecambe a fantastic place to live .. .so please get nominating.

ofround and it try and the strategic importance of the Port of Heysham.”

The power station is designed to provide on demand additional capacity at times when wind power is delivering less and demand is high.

Only three neighbour representations have been made to Lancaster City Council, two in support citing the positives of “clean gas powered electricity”, and a third with concerns about access.

The site to the north - Tradebe Solvent Recycling - is a designated Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) site. The main access for emergency service vehicles is via Middleton Lane, but the prevailing wind direction means that this route is unsafe.

Secondary and tertiary routes off Main Avenue are unavailable due to flytipping and the presence of protected species.

Recently the city council, county council, police, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, NW Ambulance Service and Tradebe amongst others have been trying to resolve these issues and reinstate the secondary access route across land being proposed for the current application.