Town Crier: Life’s a beach as long as we pick up litter

polling day: Who'll get your vote in the Euro elections?
polling day: Who'll get your vote in the Euro elections?
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What a great week for Morecambe! The sun shining all weekend and now the news that two of our local beaches have the thumbs-up with a Seaside Award for their fantastic facilities and cleanliness (see page 3). A real boost for the area and a pat on the back for all those who have participated over the year with litter picks – and not dropping it in the first place! Meanwhile, another great event is imminent with the Punk Festival next weekend – though read our story (page 11) to find out why the future of this festival is under threat.

Would you tackle a thief?

That is exactly what plucky father and son combo Bryn and Sam Jones did, after spotting a returning thief with an expensive taste for bubbly.

It is one of those scenarios where you don’t quite know what you would do in their place – is tackling a thief a good idea? It certainly worked for them - and ensured their business did not take a hit.

This week is election week and without a full set of local counts in the district, it is time for people to concentrate on their Euro-election choices, as well as the three by-elections, one of which is in Morecambe itself.

With voter apathy at a record high, a recent study has identified that women in particular fail to see the relevance of politics to their lives.

A really worrying trend, particularly if you consider those women who put their lives on hold to ensure we had a vote at all.