Town Crier: Key decision of Titanic proportions

The Titanic.
The Titanic.
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The strike only lasted a day but the after effects are causing a stink – literally. Residents on the Thursday rota didn’t get their bins emptied as part of a public sector action last week – and the weather has been rather warm.

ith no ‘catch-up’ action planned and bins riper by the minute, residents in some areas may well be hoping for a spell of cooler weather to quell the aromas. At least it has ensured that striking staff have certainly got themselves noticed.

Sylvia, aged 91, was lucky to escape relatively unharmed after being trapped in an ambulance for half an hour on one of the hottest days of the year. Accidental though this was, it would be a traumatic experience for anyone half her age, let alone someone just recuperating from illness as well, so we wish her a speedy recovery and hope regular checks are made on vehicles to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Never has a story made you realise how a decision or a quirk of fate can determine not just your own future but that of an entire generation. In the case of Olga Smart – celebrating 100 years with her large family – she knows that her dad’s decision not to join his friend, famous band leader Wallace Hartley, as a musician on the doomed Titanic ensured her arrival in the world and her family’s very existence.

A huge happy birthday to Olga from everyone here at The Visitor – and thanks for sharing a remarkable story (see Pages 1&7).