Town Crier: Keep ideas flowing..but we need money too

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There is absolutely no doubt that Morecambe needs a bank of fantastic ideas to move it upwards and onwards.

Some of the veritable Aladdin’s cave of visions coming forward for the future of the resort are fantastic and it is inspiring to know that there are people out there who are passionate enough about their town to take the bull by the horns and push for change.

A Dame Thora bench is a great idea and would hopefully boast a little of the ‘Eric’factor, making an attractive photo opportunity for visitors and another stop on the tourist trail.

Whether it’s position in a new ‘Royalty Place’ would be quite as appealing as Eric’s outlook on the Prom would remain to be seen.

And Ian Hughes’ green concept to bring the resort back to life, literally, in the form of grass roofs and living walls, is a very interesting one. But a step too far for Morecambe? Possibly.

The fact is that everybody wants to see Morecambe regenerated enough to attract people tolive, work and visit the stunning seaside resort it undoubtedly is. But it is crucial that all these ideas are taken forward as part of a larger, all-seeing strategy, that includes realistic methods of raising and attracting the funding for building and maintenance.

Or we couldpolish our magic lamps and keep wishing...