Town Crier: Just an hour from ‘what if’ for couple

The damaged conservatory.
The damaged conservatory.

We have all had those ‘what if..’ moments and never was the sentiment more appropriate than for Kevin and Lynn Fishwick.

When a car came flying off the road andlodged itself into the conservatory on the back of their house, they were left speechless.

Just an hour before, their four year old grandchild was playing in the conservatory - if he had had been there when the car hit, he would have been killed. Very very, frightening for the whole family - and despite the hole in their home, they are very aware the outcome could have been much worse.

Let’s hope they find the drivers responsible for these reckless actions. They ran off, like cowards, without even determining the consquences of their crash at speed.

Interesting to see plans for a ‘super hospital’ have been played down by an NHS official.

It is hardly a surprise to hear that the NHS don’t have a spare £400m lying around in the coffers - the super hospital has been a rumour flying around for years, mainly mooted by those further north in Cumbria who, understandably, want to see services more directly on their patch.

The issues and shortfalls in services are not going to be solved by money and shiny buildings alone. Investment is required - but with the NHS facing huge shortfalls more workis needed to solve day to day issues, without throwing silly money at it.