Town Crier: Is school strike really the only option?

Teachers on strike at South Shields Community School
Teachers on strike at South Shields Community School
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So what will your children be doing on Thursday?

My pairwill be off school because of the one-day strike, getting under their mum’s feet no doubt and driving her up the wall.

Luckily the strike falls on her day off work anyway so it hasn’t inconvenienced us too much. But not all parents can say the same. Some will have to change plans, take time off their own job or draft in grandparents, other relatives, friends or child minders to look after the little ones.

Not only that, but for the pupils themselves, it will mean a lost day of school work (and believe it or not my kids do actually like school...)

So for 24 hours, this industrial action will have a knock-on effect on many people’s lives.

I suppose there’s not much point to a strike unless it’s going to make an impact. Shame it’s parents and children, not the policy makers, who will bear the brunt of the action when we have no direct say in whether teachers are given fairer working conditions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic to the teachers’ plight. Teaching is an arduous high-pressure job and most of our beleagured educators certainly deserve fairer pay and pensions.

Us mums and dads just wish there was a better way of resolving this issue without our kids being forced to miss out on a day’s education.