Town Crier: Hope remains for Megazone comeback

Megazone fire. Tony Ball.
Megazone fire. Tony Ball.
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The fire that gutted the Megazone did much more than ravage bricks and mortar.

It ruined a solid business and wrecked a unique attraction in Morecambe where kids could enjoy being kids and where adults could become kids again.

The loss of the town’s futuristic indoor laser game is felt deeply by players, staff, the West End and most of all, by owner Richard Holmes himself.

Two decades of Richard’s hard work was destroyed in a matter of hours.

It is impossible not to feel the utmost sympathy for a hard working Morecambe man whose labour of love brought pleasure and escapism to so many. The fact that he was enjoying a family holiday when he received the devastating news that his beloved business was burning to the ground, surely made it even harder to bear.

The timing of the fire is particularly unfortunate, because the future was looking bright for the Megazone. Richard was extremely excited about the proposed retail park at Frontierland just down the road and the opportunities it might create to boost the business. But now he has to start again from scratch.

Hopefully he can follow through on his plan to bounce back from this devastating setback, start up again somewhere else, and we will see the Megazone rise from the ashes.