Town Crier: Hole in skyline when Polo Tower goes

The Polo Tower may be demolished.
The Polo Tower may be demolished.
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It has been towering over Morecambe for nearly 20 years, although somewhat redundantly for the majority of that.

The former viewing tower’s future, including lots of ideas for alternative uses, have provided years of debate for local people although ultimately, its main use has been as a giant mobile phone mast holder - and as a somewhat shabby free advert for Polo mints.

But the Polo Tower has undoubtedly provided a landmark in Morecambe for years and acts as a constant reminder of the hopes and ambitions of the resort as it was back in the day. But now reports of swaying and creaking have set off alarm bells. Although not deemed in imminent danger of collapse, moves have begun to have it demolished for good.

Interestingly the Polo Tower started life in Blackpool where it was called the ‘Space Tower’ and provided a viewing point before it was moved to Morecambe to make way for iconic ride ‘The Big One’. But it never really proved a success in our town, though many remember clambering to its heights and watching the stunning bay view from the revolving platform.

Now with creaking noises and the phone mast contract up, it may be time for a minty fresh start (sorry, couldn’t resist) for the land. But the Polo Tower will always have a place in the memories of locals and visitors alike.