Town Crier: Hillcroft is a warning bell – we must act

Hillcroft Nursing Home. Photo : Dave Thompson/PA Wire
Hillcroft Nursing Home. Photo : Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Words cannot adequately describe the horrors experienced by residents of Hillcroft nursing home who were abused by people paid to take care of them.

That humans are capable of such pathetic, mindless and sickening cruelty is one issue, and that that it was allowed to happen at all is another.

Yes, I am sure these types of people are in the minority. Many carers across the area do a magnificent job taking care of those who can no longer take care of themselves.

And after all, there is a high chance that many of us will need to be cared for one day.

Which makes what happened at Hillcroft incomprehensible. There is no doubt that it is unacceptable for anything like this to happen again. The only answer is a more comprehensive regulation of the caring system.

Higher wages would attract better quality candidates and aid retention of talented staff within the industry.

But the sad thing is that while the care home system remains susceptible to market forces, there is no easy answer, short of caring for our elderly ourselves.

Something we all know is simply not possible.

But maybe Hillcroft should be the trigger for us to have this debate, to look at the way carers are monitored. Action is needed now.

Nicola Adam, editor